Linking and Commenting

My Linking Policy

I have received some criticism that I am providing links in German and other non-English languages.

No doubt, the same people would complain that I am not providing any links at all and doubt the facts behind the points I'm trying to make, would I stop providing non-English links, which would mean in many cases no links at all because this blog is largely, though not exclusively, about German matters.

Anybody who wants to read blogs that are about Anglo-Saxon interna and based on English language sources only is welcome to leave Roncesvalles and frequent instead all the many excellent blogs that meet this requirement.

Ever hopeful, I think that most literate people will at least be able to see what a German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish or French link is basically about. I still might lie about certain aspects, but it at least it proves that I am not making things up entirely.

This may amaze you, but the world does neither begin nor end at the shores of English-speaking countries.

Also, and this is important, don't assume that I agree with or endorse any particular content of, or opinion expressed on, a website to which I link.

Some Guidelines for Commenting

The basic rule for participating in this blog is that *I* am making the rules. Comments are not just enabled, but positively encouraged. After all, I can always not publish them if I don't like them, but don't assume that I agree with any particular comment just because I let it stand. I may not publish it at all, I may delete it later any time I feel like it.

The unit for measuring time here is "microFS" and defines the period of time between you typing "Free Speech" and my deletion of your comment.

The same applies to comments that contain the sentence: "I bet you will not publish this" or words to that effect. You are right. I won't.

And please try to keep your posts topical, or if not, please state the reason for it. Comments that are only made to promote goods, services or websites will not be published.

Why? Because I say so.

If you are not able to "wrap" a URL, please at least shorten it with the help of "TinyUrl".

I'm looking forward to splendid and fruitful exchange of thoughts and ideas on a basis of total non-equality.