January 21, 2004

Extreme oppression of Muslims by virtue of being alive and Jewish

Well, well well, we have a new storm in a teacup!

An Israeli businessman was indicted today on charges of bribing Ariel Sharon with many many many dollars. Justice Ministry officials said they were considering indicting Sharon as well.

The indictment against real-estate developer David Appel complicates the prime minister's already clouded legal situation. The Supreme Court has ruled that an indictment would force Sharon to leave office depending the outcome of a trial, not to mention further jeopardizing of the already ailing peace process, destabilization of the the coalition government and starting a gloves-off battle for succession in the upper ranks of the Likud.

By the way, Sharon was not charged with any criminal wrongdoing, and officials in his office said he was conducting business as usual Wednesday.

Opposition lawmakers called on the prime minister to step down.

Well, MY comment? Not only Sharon, but Olmert as well will probably have to resign. Guess who'll become Prime Minister then?

Yes! You got it!


And then the international do-gooder brigade for peace, global happiness and a Jew-free world, after some initial choking and churning, will have to cook up some war-crime charges against Bibi. How about: Extreme oppression of Muslims by virtue of being alive and Jewish?

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