January 29, 2005

Council of Muslim Critics...

...Hirsi Ali's next project?

Left: Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd from September 17, 2004: "Geert Wilders, the Pain in the ... from Den Haag".

Hirsi Ali specifically addressed those Dutch politicians who received, like she did, death threats, Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen, Amsterdamer council Achmed Aboutaleb and valiant Islam critic Geert Wilders who had left last autumn the right-liberal VVD party, of which Hirsi Ali is still a member.

Different from Cohen and Abouetaleb, Wilders refused any cooperation: "The only thing we have in common is that we are threatened by the same people. That is no common ground for a talk." No doubt, at this point in time, Wilders is the most forceful and consistent Islam critic in Holland -- nay, in Europe.