November 19, 2005

Back to the Prussian three-class system of voting!

It pays to follow the Islamist media. This little gem is from IRNA, Islamic Republic News Agency:
The European Union Wednesday called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to resume talks to resolve the nuclear dispute and to forge a better relationship between the two sides.

''We urge Iran to come back to talks on long-term arrangements on the basis of the Paris agreement,'' Douglas Alexander, the British Minister of State for Europe told the European Parliament in Strasbourg during a debate on Iran Wednesday evening.
Alexander, whose country holds the current EU Presidency, said a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear programme should include an agreement on long term arrangements.
Angelika Beer, German Greens MEP and chair of the EP's delegation on Iran urged the Iranian leadership to play a positive role in the international community.

''Iran is a fascinating country with a young well-educated society,'' she said.

''We should not make the mistake of cutting off contacts with the civil society and slamming the door. We need to speak of rights and peaceful solution to disputes''...
...thus spake Beer and nobody laughed.

Fascinating with a young, well-educated society indeed. Hey, why don't watch a fascinating and well-educating stoning to death video!

That would be the same Angelika Beer who finds the delivery of two submarines to Israel "irresponsible", wouldn't it?

While spending her well-paid retirement in the European Parliament as a representative of the Greens, Beer, former "chairperson" of the Green Party, muses that Germany thus "jeopardizes her position as a neutral partner in the Middle East".

"With the unanimous decision of the old and the new government of Germany to deliver two more Dolphin-submarines," Beer informs us, "they torpedo in an irresponsible way the negotiations of EU 3 with Iran about their nuclear program."

By the way, my translation improved the original: «Mit der einvernehmlichen Entscheidung der alten und neuen Regierung Deutschlands, Israel zwei weitere Dolphin-U-Boote zu liefern, torpediert sie in unverantwortlicher Art und Weise die Verhandlungen der EU 3 mit Iran über dessen Nuklearprogramm.» WHO do "torpedo"? Can only be the old and the new government of Germany (plural), because they form the sentence article. So that should read then "sie torpedieren", "they torpedo", NOT "sie torpediert", "he/she/it torpedoes". But who cares about grammar as long as the spirit is right. And here, it is SO right, it makes me throwing up yesterday's breakfast!

I am not talking about that hypocritical, perverted "special relationship with Israel" Germans love to claim, which is more a sort of German masturbation icon tackled as, to paraphrase Wolgang Pohrt, with the typical German obsession with responsibility, comparable to a convicted child molester who thinks that his "experience" does qualify him specifically for a job as kindergarden teacher. No, I'm not talking about that.

I am not talking either JUST about the fact, that, in a case where the only democratic country with the rule of law in the Middle East stands with her back to the wall (or rather the sea) against the, to quote John Derbyshire, "howling, jeering forces of barbarism", a case of six million in a sliver of land against 22 million (give or take a few million, I am not petty) ready to kill at the spur of a moment as soon as that tiny slip of land shows a chink in its armour, that in such a case the phrase "neutral partner" rings a tiny wee little bit hollow.

I am not talking either about the fact that this deal was heavily sponsored by the German industry and those guys are not known for giving presents.

What I am talking about is that I'd wish back the times when the representatives of the people had a modicum of formal education and stood for their own, and, albeit egoistic, nevertheless SANE interests and not for some warm-and-fuzzy-feeling-of-one's-own-goodness-in-the-belly at best, a dangerous totalitarian ideology at worst. Beer is qualified to type legal documents or to clean a physician's instruments and should be allowed to make suggestions how to improve the filing system and that is where, in a sane society, her influence would end.

I say the times when political influence was limited to a person's actual importance and children had to present their fingernails for inspection on a regular basis had their decisive advantages!