November 26, 2005

Everything to make the scum feel better!

Yesterday, a court in Hamburg sentenced the parents of the 7-year old Jessica to life in prison. They had kept their daughter in an unheated and darkened room, which stank of faeces and urine, in a high-rise public-housing block and starved her slowly to death. Jessica was reduced to crawling, because, as a result of her condition, her bones had become like glass and couldn't carry her weight anymore, however little that was. She suffered excruciating pains from nephritis and coproliths. Jessica died on March 1, 2005, fully conscious until the end.

The court convicted her mother (36) and father (50) of murder and gross neglect of a child. The court heard that the couple had regarded Jessica's existence as a nuisance.

Neither relatives, neighbours nor local school or other authorities were aware of her ordeal, nor did they obviously want to be. The parents got an official warning and a note for a fine from the school authorities because they didn't send the child to school, which they didn't honour, and that was that.

Witnesses, among them relatives, told the court that they were amazed when the mother gave birth to Jessica, as the woman had been incapable of looking after her earlier children as well. However, they didn't care what became of the child either, of whose existence they were aware but whom they never saw.

Recently, cases like this seem to be on the rise in Germany, or maybe the media just seems to take an (no doubt fleeting) interest in an already long existing horror phenomenon.

Now I just came across an article in the online edition of DER STERN, if anything an even more spiteful battle rag for the politically correct Left than DER SPIEGEL. (You may remember DER STERN from its "Hitler Diaries" blunder, which cost it what little credibility it may have had.) The article is headed "(K)eine Frage des Geldes", "A Question of Money -- Not".
Jessica, Michelle, Brian and Bianca: The fate of starved-to-death and neglected children are touching and seem to be "just" a problem of the underprivileged. But children of middlecass families, too, suffer because of their overtaxed parents.


Cases like Jessica, emaciated to the bones and choked on her vomit, or Michelle who died from an untreated brain oedema, are extreme, but luckily extremely rare as well. But neglected children, the Kinderschutzbund (German child-protection organisation) estimates their number around 100,000 nationwide, are not just to be found in socially disadvantaged milieu. Offspring from seemingly snug middle class families are not immune as well.

There, however, neglect comes in many shapes... Not that those children are sent to school hungry or have to wear their summer clothes all winter... The problems are placed in the psychological field, on an emotional level.

A textbook case: Career families. Mother and father are both working and like it, they have always time for their careers, little for the children. Should the career-addicted parents be troubled by their conscience, they either smother it with an abundance of presents and toys - if they are not troubled by their conscience they do even less. Both cases leave children without emotional "anchorage", children who are without values and rules to be left to their own resources.
I'll grant the hack from DER STERN that he is only INADVERTENTLY cynical. I come from a secure, upper middle class background and I have a hunch that the hack, too, didn't spend the first 7 years of his life crawling in an unheated and darkened room, slowly starving to death stinking of faeces and urine.

Just HOW jaundiced does one have to get to compare the fate of that poorest of all poor children with that of a child "smothered with an abundance of presents and toys yet left without emotional "anchorage"". Jessica, whose coproliths were, when she died, taking up a considerable percentage of her body weight, would, no doubt, have been happy to be lumbered with problems "placed in the psychological field, on an emotional level" had thereonly been some food included.

What a gravestone epithet for the poorest of all poor little girls, and all for the sake of mollycoddling both, the guilt complex AND the jealousy of the lower middle class majority readership, who is placed, sociologically, just between the scum who breeds children like Jessica and the "career couple" whom they envy.

A spade isn't a spade anymore and scum isn't scum, just people who HAPPEN by chance to torture their children to death. And never forget: Your Porsche-driving neighbour might be just as bad and give his child expensive presents instead of a cuddle.

But at least such a child survives and maybe he even becomes a hack writer in the politically correct media just to spite his parents who gave him the wrong designer jeans for "Xmas".

Everything to make the scum feel better!

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