December 29, 2005

And what will the statistics say now?

Suicide bomber kills 3 in West Bank

TULKARM, West Bank, Dec. 29 (UPI) -- A Palestinian suicide bomber killed two Palestinians and an Israeli soldier at a West Bank checkpoint, the Israeli army says.

The BBC said the bomber was traveling in a minibus taxi and set off his device when he was ordered out at a temporary checkpoint near the northern town of Tulkarm.

Israel said it had set up the roadblock after intelligence suggested a suicide bombing was being planned. An Islamic Jihad militant was blamed for the explosion.

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Zeev Boim said the temporary checkpoint "prevented a heavier catastrophe."

Tulkarm is a stronghold of Islamic Jihad, which has never agreed to an informal truce with Israel observed by the main Palestinian militant group Hamas.
Two more Palestinians killed, which means per definitionen killed by Israel, like incompetent bomb tinkerers or those killed by their own kind for whatever reason. There are lies, damn lies and Palestinian statistics and the media gladly lap it up.

More more information see the ICT website.

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