December 08, 2005

Discounted Household Goods

A look deeply into the German Soul and what we see is not pretty: Tonight in the supermarket, I noticed among the discounted household items this cute little thang:

Yeah! A mug bearing the sentiment that the owner loves the DDR. Yes, that's right, the former German Democratic Republic, that haven of human rights, free speech and other goods cherished, no doubt, by those who bought that monstrosity.

Of course, the buyers of that nostalgic cutey, that includes the sketch of a "Trabbi", one of those trash-cars-made-from-plywood-become-collector's-items, conveniently forgot that, for example, buying a mug saying "I love BRD" as long as their beloved "DDR" existed and they'd be living there, would have meant considerable (and I mean CONSIDERABLE!) trouble for them.

That is bad enough, but WHAT would happen if somebody chose to promote, say, a t-shirt with a logo like that:

Goodness! Not just that all the Gutmenschen would have their knickers in a knot, you'd even get a not-so-friendly visit from the police as well.

We've disposed of our past and it has been confined, safely and without any irritating further questioning, towards the political Right, which means that we can furtheron ignore all crimes commited by Germans, including that Communist hellhole on the Polish border, as long as we commit them in the right spirit. After all, hasn't even our Nobel Laureate Günter Grass relativised it as a "comfortable dictatorship"?

By the way, if you pay for the postage, I will gladly send you the mug. It's very good quality. German, after all!

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