January 26, 2006

A Matter of Solidarity

I herewith follow the appeal of the Brussels Journal: "The best way to end the whole cartoon affair would be for as many websites, blogs and papers in Europe just to publish the cartoons in an act of defiance to extremists."

Those of you who are unaware of the affair started by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and its valiant refusal to give in to Muslim pressure: Read Robert Spencer's "Thou Shalt Not Draw" at FrontPage.

As I am writing this, I know of two other German Bloggers who followed the Brussels Journal's appeal: Politically Incorrect and Gegenstimme.


I just found an older blog entry at Rebellog.

See also Gudrun Eussner's Fundsachen with a huge compilation of links and information about the Jyllands-Posten affair.


I just noticed: Kewil has posted it as well at his blog Fakten Fiktionen.