February 02, 2006

The Phony Face of Grief

"Peace activist" Cindy Sheehan was removed from the audience of President Bush's State of the Union Address yesterday.

FrontPage magazine informs us:
Those who have looked for more information about Sheehan’s disturbance have learned she concealed a t-shirt that read “2,245 Dead – How Many More??” until she got inside the chamber. Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider recalled, “She was asked to cover it up. She did not.” This is as far as most mainstream media sources go.
Well, according to the GERMAN mainstream media to which I listened yesterday, she was thrown out "because she wore and anti-Bush t-shirt". Full stop!

Here is the whole story according to FrontPage:
Thus far, only the Washington Post has revealed, “She was also vocal, said U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer, and after she ignored instructions to close her jacket and quiet down, she was led out and arrested. Demonstrating in the House gallery is prohibited.” (Emphasis added.)

Why was she vocal enough to get ejected from her seat – in Gallery 5, seat 7, row A? Because she was following the orders of a pillar of the radical Left. In addition to the t-shirt, Sheehan wore a pink scarf, in solidarity with Code Pink, the far-Left organization that donated $600,000 in cash and supplies to “the other side” in Fallujah in 2004. This radical organization, founded by supporters of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, has been the most vocal section of Sheehan’s “amen corner” since before she rose to national prominence. This weekend, Sheehan returned from a trip to meet Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez* with Code Pink leaders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans. Earlier yesterday, Sheehan joined the Code Pink brigades and another leftists in front of the White House chanting, “You’re evicted! Get out of our house!”

Code Pink made public its intention to shout down the president last night in every venue it could. A typical “Action Alert” on its website advertises a State of the Union get-together: “The only way to stomach the prez without pepto-dismal [sic.] is among lots of hot pink sistahs shouting ‘bull shit’ simultaneously as he sputters!”

Other action alerts encourage Code Pinkos from Pittsburgh to San Francisco to meet in public places and:
“BRING ON THE NOISE!!! bring drums, pots, pans, noisemakers”;
“[We] welcome you to bring music, drums, pots, pans, horns, and your voice to drown him out.”;
“Bring on the Noise! Drown Out Bush’s Lies.”;
“Our plan is to make a lot of noise & shoot nerf toys at the TV every time we hear BS”;
“We want to give everybody a chance to drown out the State of the Union with our own noise!!!”
The D.C. group Sheehan protested with before leaving for the State of the Union, organized under the banner of the new radical leftist front organization World Can’t Wait, followed suit. Again, the Washington Post reports:

Earlier last night, a band of banner-waving antiwar demonstrators clustered outside the Capitol and took the start of Bush's speech as a cue to let loose with an ear-splitting outburst of noise…At the moment when a nearby TV set showed Bush beginning his address in the House chamber, the protesters responded with bongo drums, maracas and whistles…As the president concluded, the noise reached a peak as protesters banged pots and pans, shouting “Bush step down, people rise up.”

Previously, Code Pink activists have been arrested in front of the White House. Co-founder, Medea Benjamin, takes pride in setting up the violent 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle. Another co-founder, Gael Murphy, disrupted Dick Cheney’s speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention and interrupted Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as he was apologizing for isolated abuses at Abu Ghraib prison.

Now Code Pink’s most visible partisan had the opportunity to bring home the big game trophy: interrupting the president’s State of the Union Address live on national television. But before the street theater could begin inside the joint session of Congress, Sheehan blew it and started bellowing too early, discovering the Capitol police do not tolerate juvenile antics during the hallowed moments of Constitutionally mandated proceedings.
*Emphasis added by me!
Anything for a nice anti-Bush sneer in the German media, right? And to hell with investigative journalism and integrity! Cindy is about as credible as a "peace activist" as Hugo Chavez is as a democrat. (Not that the fact of Sheehan's rubbing shoulders with Chavez is NOT known in Germany, mind you!)

There are people who would do anything (but ANYthing!) for their five minutes in the limelight!

Picture courtesy of FrontPage: "Cindy Sheehan’s last grinning arrest in September 2005."