February 16, 2006

Travesty Turned Tragedy

Gudrun Eussner's website was taken off the web by the (German) provider yesterday. The site is a paragon of Internet seriousness and respectability, not a conglomerate of abusive rants like this blog. Her meticulous way to provide sources and proof for everything she writes has even earned her the friendly leg-pulling epithet "Queen of Footnotes". Gudrun holds, after all, a PhD in political sciences. Her site is, however, Islam-critical.

Why was the site taken off the web? Because she had published a bill of indictment against a chap who is charged with having insulted the Muslim faith by selling lav paper with a "Koran" imprint somewhere deep in the German provincial backwaters. Now she, too, is charged with a criminal offense nobody knew it existed (save the informer, of course), namely the publishing of a bill of indictment prior to the trial (§ 353d StGB -- German Penal Code).

A law that was originally meant to protect the rights of the defendant is used here to intimidate. (Which is, of course, just my personal interpretation of the matter, so take no notice of it.)

Gudrun's site is online again now because the offensive document was removed, but the legal action against her is still on.

Watch this space for more.