March 17, 2006

Almost exactly one-year-old news

I just dicovered this. It's from The Journal, March 18, 2005:
As world leaders gathered in Jerusalem this week to commemorate the Holocaust, C-SPAN decided to air a Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt, provided there was equal airtime to David Irving, a British Holocaust denier. A tacky for the cable service, says Bret Stephens. "I understand that C-SPAN wants to give equal time to Democrats as well as to Republicans, both sides of the issues, but when you decide that there ought to be balance between Holocaust deniers and scholars of the Holocaust, between people who are telling lies and people who are telling the truth, you've traveled a long road down the way towards moral relativism," says Stephens. "It's a shame that C-SPAN has allowed itself to be hijacked this way. A tacky for them."
Well, everybody who knows me knows that I am adamant for a long time now that in a yet undecided number of decades "Holocaust Denial" will be a recognised field of historical "science".

So C-SPAN is just on the forefront of scientifical development and honi soit qui mal y pense!

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