March 08, 2006


Stefan at his excellent blog Politically Incorrect reports:

The contract of the licencee of the Islam-critical website was cancelled without further notice by the (German) provider and the site was blocked for public access.

But it doesn't stop here. The contract for the licencee's site was cancelled without further notice. It is a site for high school students with an interest in mathematics and carries additionally a lot of links to (critical) information regarding Islam and other "conservative" causes, e.g. links to anti-"late term abortion" sites. (See the screenshots from above.)

According to the provider, the fact that "a lot of the young" visit that site and the fact that "because of the publication of the Mohammed-cartoons people are dying somewhere else" was reason enough to terminate the contract. He claims having received "complaints". "One may have a decided point of view regarding freedom of opinion or of freedom of the press. But we are asking ourselves whether we should actively add to kindling the flames within the outcome of such a conflict. We don't think so."

Sorry dear reader, it's not my translation. Obviously, the sentences of the provider are as convoluted as his thinking. Not cartoons kill, people kill! Muslims do, to be precise.

Update from PI: In the meantime, the licencee of received a writ of summons for a police interrogation next Thursday (16.03.) because of the publication of "anti-constitutional pictures". He had shown two Arabs with a Nazi-flag and the cover of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in Arabic to prove that books like that are for sale in Arab countries. The websites and, respectively their licencee, are accused of promoting "Volksverhetzung" i.e. incitement of the people.