March 12, 2006

Useless Henhouse

So Slobbo, hero to some, mass murderer to others, is dead and they found traces of a drug used for treating leprosy and tuberculosis in one of the blood samples taken in recent months from him, or so a Dutch news report said, quoting a nameless "adviser to the U.N. war crimes tribunal".

The report came forward hours after Milosevic's legal adviser showed journalists a letter alleging that he was being poisoned the deceased wrote Friday, one day before his death.

Doctors made their discovery while searching for the reason why Milosevic's medication for high blood pressure was not working.

Of course, hints of suicide are made as well, rumours are rampant.

That big useless henhouse, the UN, has botched it AGAIN! They weren't even able to keep him alive until he was convicted, or maybe the other way round, weren't able to convict him within a reasonable time span.

Can you spell GUAN-TA-NA-MO?

And can you imagine what brouhaha we would have now to suffer if the old US of A or *GASP* Israel would hold a defendant for years without a verdict and until he died?

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