March 23, 2006

WOW I am SO flattered!

I got my first hate mail today! Somebody really really thought my little effort worth responding!
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "History Meets Dhimmitude Head-On":
I strongly support the end of dhimmitude and submission. Therefore I would like to see you being slaughtered, beheaded, cut to pieces and pissed on.
Now what is REALLY cute about that is that those morons don't seem to know that they are leaving a traceable IP number and this specific IP number is the one of a computer within the ... DRUMROLL... Public Luxembourg Government Network!

Yes, and one brief look at the RIPE database and lo and behold there the network is, including contacts with full names, email addresses, telephone numbers, the lot!

And I don't even think that at 10:24 in the morning it was the cleaning woman!



romanreb said...

How quickly the warm fuzzy "tolerance" of these suicidal sub-idiots evaporates when someone gainsays them! "...slaughtered, beheaded, cut to pieces and pissed on" indeed. Yes, the Islamic influence is obvious. This is what comes of forsaking Western Civilization in favor of politically correct fad alliances. Fie on them.

The_Editrix said...

Syler, I honestly thought that this thang wasn't an, as you put it, otherwise warm and fuzzy, tolerant suicidal sub-idiot, but an 'occupier'. Can educated people really be THAT hot on being humiliated?

romanreb said...

Nora, in my experience, people can become so "educated", so "open-minded" that their brains fall out. Some of the most formally "educated" people I know are the most patently stupid. The objective of "education" nowadays seems to be to drain off any residual Westernesse and Catholicism people still retain in their blood so as to cleanse them for the Big Assimilation. So, in a word, yeah---they can. We white folk are taught on a regular basis that to be humiliated is to begin to be redeemed for all the sins of history---which WE, naturally, are responsible for. Shine up your "kick me" sign and join us in our Big Masochistic Parade. We are SUCH a bunch of lemmings!

The_Editrix said...

Yes, you are right. I have frequently said myself that Islam is not the problem, but Western spinelessness. Thanks for reminding me!