April 30, 2006

Hard Times for Engineers

... and everybody who is doing decent work to earn a living, I might add.

Google shows us what really matters (screen shot from about 10 minutes ago). The first article chosen from the list of one of the major Google disasters informs us:
Rolling Stones guitarist injured falling from tree
2006-04-30 14:53:32

BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhuanet) -- Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has suffered a head injury earlier in the week and remained hospitalized with a concussion...

The statement [of a RS spokeswoman] gave no further details on Richards's condition or how he was injured. But Media reports said Richards hurt his head when he fell out of a palm tree at an exclusive Fiji resort, a celebrity haven. "Picking coconuts is quite common on the island," said a fellow holidaymaker at the resort. "It's just that Keith had a bit of an accident coming down.”"
The guitarist has been unlucky in the past during Rolling Stones tours. In 1998 the band had to delay a tour after he fell off a ladder and damaged his ribs and chest.

Another tour was put back when Richards cut his hand on a broken guitar string and the wound became infected.
So what else is new? The disgusting old goat, who ought to stay at home and play with his grandchildren instead of turning himself into a public nuisance and offence in front of screeching teenagers, probably reduced his immune system to nil ages ago by drug abuse. Picking coconuts? Why does this remind me so eerily of an earlier blog entry...? Nuff said.

Elsewhere, Police today found the headless body of the Indian engineer Surya Narayan who had been kidnapped two days before by Taliban murderous scum militants. A Taliban spokesman had told Agence France-Presse that the killing of Surya Narayan was "unintentional".

When, I ask you, will the Western media first get their priorities right (ah well, Surya Narayan was just another one of those boring fellows who are working for a living, just like the two German engineers kidnapped in Iraq in January (JAN-U-A-RY!), whose fate is of total non-interest either), second stop printing uncommented lies of those beastly Muslim scum, okay, make that beastly, STUPID Muslim scum, and third calling even those who have just "incidentally" cut off a man's heads "militants" instead of what they are?

That was a rhetorical question.