April 30, 2006

The West's Darkly Foreboding Resolutions

I found this at AchGut (Die Achse des Guten -- The Axis of Good). Hannes Stein writes:
[The FAZ*] seems to employ genii in the field of irony, as proven by today's page one headline, which summarizes the dilemma of the politics towards Iran as succinct- as funnily: THE WEST THREATENS WITH A RESOLUTION AGAIN IN THE NUCLEAR CONFLICT.

Threatens! Again! That's a real stroke of genius. While reading that, I was laughing so hard, that I almost had a head-on collision in the rain with a bicyclist.

And should President Ahmadingbat go on pottering with the superbomb on the sly, we will throw little dabbers of pink cottonwool at the Iran as disciplinary action.
It remains a bit questionable where Mr. Stein reads his newspapers, but as long as he doesn't kill *us* while doing so, we don't consider it our business, really.

*Germany's famously "conservative" daily with the hallmark-slogan: "Dahinter steckt immer ein kluger Kopf" -- "There is always a good head behind it" or rather "Every head behind it is a good one".)