May 02, 2006

Hating Whitey or Guess who's coming for dinner!

The day before yesterday I was worried about the Spanish Socialist party and their campaign for human rights for apes. Today I discovered a site called Bushcraft UK and decided that there are always worse things about which to get one's knickers in a knot.
Bushcraft is about being confident and comfortable in the natural environment. Whether you are having an afternoon stroll, or youre embarking on an extended expedition over many days, there is a huge wealth of knowledge and information that can help everyone get the most out of their outdoor experience.

Bushcraft UK is a resource for anyone interested in the skills and knowledge needed to get more from the great outdoors. This information is provided in two main parts; knowledge and information make up one part and the community area makes up the other. Have a browse, and see what you can discover that will help you get the most from the beautiful world around us.
This is, without doubt, a valiant and laudable cause! However, I oughtn't had to have a look at what they call their "community area". (Don't I just LOVE those lower middleclass Teabag genteelisms! The only thing that can top them in their sheer and undiluted repulsiveness are American PC-isms!) However, have you ever seen anything as idiotic, cultural relativist and generally dumb as this?
Aren't war and fear not part of our modern world? And as abhorrent as these people's cannibalism may be perceived by us, aren't some aspects of our world just as cruel?
Gosh! Them cruel Christian missionaries foist clothes on the poor savages when being naked is SO much better in the heat and then have the gall to complain about cannibalism!

"Some aspects of our world just as cruel"? Watching Reality TV or Britney Spears' antics? Listening to Snoop Dogg's "music"? To "Madonna"? Or percieving Hans Christian Ströbele's and Angelika Beer's politics? Browsing at NaughtySparrow?

Yes, admittedly, that IS cruel, I mean REAL cruel, but at least one doesn't get forced here do that to oneself. But then, maybe those cannibalism victims got an invitation for dinner, which they could have declined.