May 22, 2006

THIS IS NO SATIRE: Fast forward to total Dhimmitude!

I am NOT joking! And I am not joking either if I am saying that I had to ask somebody else before I was entirely sure:

Yes, this is no satire. This is an authentic poster issued by the JuLis, the youth organisation of the "liberal" (in the European, not the American sense) German Free Democratic Party, FDP, and yes, the very party of recent "We Are Talking To Hamas" fame The poster's caption says "More Variety" and "fast forward [using exacly those English words] to a tolerant society".

Apart from the sense- and tasteless use of an Anglicism when addressing Germans, this is what will happen if one confuses "liberalism" and "tolerance" with arbitrariness and ethical relativism, as it is done all the time.

(Thanks to Liza for helping me clarifying my thoughts!)