June 12, 2006

The Purpose of the World Cup

Picture courtesy of Washington Post.

I love the sight of English Bobbies in Germany. They are unique. If one is used to the by and large (not always) unhelpful, lazy and rude attitude of the German police, they are bliss.

I remember when my wallet was stolen in London in November 2000, passport, credit card, bank card, driving licence, the lot. Slightly hysterical, I had called the police on my mobile and within no time two Bobbies, a man and a woman, came. They couldn't do much for me, of course, but their sheer presence was soothing. When they asked me when I had last seen my wallet, I replied that it had been in the afternoon of the same day, when I had used my credit card to have my car unclamped. I will never forget the male Bobby's reply to that, which was without the slightest trace of condescension or sneer: "Its's not your lucky day, is it?" I still don't know why that cheered me up no end.

However, they told me to get back to the German Embassy for help, which I did in the morning after a night in the car, and there I got help, quickly, friendly and effectively.

Thanks German Embassy, but -- dear Bobbies -- whereever you are, God bless! May a bit of your spirit rub off to your German colleagues, then all that World Cup brouhaha would have been good at least for SOMETHING.