June 03, 2006

Transatlantic Blog Discovery III

Spogbolt is a great blog from Newfoundland, with a strong focus on Eric Voegelin's political philosophy, which needs (and deserves) more traffic.

I have nicked my latest quotation from there: "...iustitia sine misericordia crudelitas est, misericordia sine iustitia mater est dissolutionis" (Thomas Aquinas).

Thanks Mr. Spog!


Mr. Spog said...

Editrix, thanks for the endorsement. Anyone who actually knows something about Voegelin (who seems to be largely over my head) would be welcome to visit my site and demolish my opinions.

I've seen your translated Ernst Juenger quote before, in the form "decayed altars are inhabited by demons", which some people might find less puzzling, though maybe it's further from the original meaning....John Stuart Mill sounds almost Nietzschean here, doesn't he?

The_Editrix said...

You're welcome, Mr. Spog!

I have no head for philosophy and admire those inordinately who have. Therefore, I have to trust you with the Nietzsche/JSM comparison, which wouldn't have occured to me.

When I translated the Jünger quotation, I decided to stay close to the original for several reasons. Among them the fact that I generally prefer shorter to longer words and because the rhythm of my translation is more "elegant". The risk of puzzling some people was one I had to take, or so I felt.

Keep up the good work!