July 15, 2006

More Gallows Humour

Jeremayakovka has some great stuff over there. This is from Jake's Comedy Corner:
Mahmoud & Bashir
The Associated Press reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad conferred during a special telephone call Thursday afternoon. Usually, they just communicate on the "Man-Boy Love Association" chat board.

Top 5 Text Messages Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent Bashir Assad

5) "Is that a Kaytusha in ur pocket or are u just happy 2 C me?"

4) "What R U wearing GQ boy?"

3) "Keira Knigthley = so anorexic"

2) "Last 1 to bomb Israel = a rotten pomegranate!"

1)" U go grrrl!!! "
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