July 16, 2006

The Selective Antiamericanism of The Germans

Paul Belien reports in the inimitable Brussels Journal a comical travesty of the specifically brazen and goofy sort that can only happen in Germany:
German police officers get a discount of 7 euros when they buy Femi-X, a herbal aphrodisiac for women which is sometimes refered to as the female equivalent of viagra. When the police officers buy a packet of 15 Femi-X pills they pay only 32 euros instead of 39. In addition they receive a free DVD with sex tips. Andreas Schuster, the police chief in Brandenburg, the province surrounding Berlin, told Bild Zeitung that Germany needs more children and the police want to set a good example. “We all want more children. The Brandenburg Police is prepared to do its duty. Perhaps this pill will be helpful in this regard.”

Germany’s fertility rate is no longer sufficient to sustain its population. The number of elderly Germans (over 65 years old) is expected to rise from 17.5% of the population today to 27.9% by 2050. While the Germans do not have enough children, however, this does not necessarily imply that they do not have enough sex. Sex and procreation are not necessarily the same. The use of Femi-X pills by police officers will not help the demographics unless chief Schuster can convince his female officers not to use contraceptive pills with their Femi-X pills.

Germany has another demographic problem. In 2004, for the first time in recent history, the number of Germans leaving their country was greater than the number of immigrants moving in. There were 145,000 German emigrants and 128,000 immigrants. Most of the emigrants leave for the United States. One couple who moved to Florida told Die Welt: “Here our children have a future in which they will not have to fear unemployment and social decline.” Perhaps moving to America will be a better fertility boost for young couples than using Femi-X. The best aphrodisiac may be to leave the welfare state.
(Emphasis added by me!)

No doubt, that seven-Euro-discount will catapult the German birth rate in Gaza-Strip-ean* regions now.

On a more serious note, women who stop taking the pill usually don't need any aphrodisiac, rather the opposite, but facts have never stood in the way of a good PR stunt.

Facts have never stood in the way of a political stance, either. But they DO seem to matter when people are chosing places for relocation.

* That's the place where currently a new "holocaust" of the Palestinian Arabs is performed by Israel.

Birth rates according to the 1999 CIA World Factbook:
1 Niger . . . 52.31
2 Mali . . . 49.50
3 Uganda . . . 48.54
4 Gaza Strip . . . 48.24

Germany is on place 219 with a birth rate of 8.68.