July 30, 2006

So what else is new?

The entertainment website TMZ posted that heartthrob Mel Gibson was caught by the police on Friday night while driving a car pissed as a newt. When arrested, he did not just threatened the arresting deputy and tried to escape, he additionally hurled "religious epithets" at the not-very-amused officers and now he says he is sorry.

So what else is new and what does this teach us?

It teaches us that antisemitism is the norm and the absence of it the aberration. It just needed a clever schemer for once stripped of his caution and inhibitions to prove that -- again.

WHAT might be the reason for a devout Christian, and I don't doubt that Gibson IS, indeed, a devout Christian, to make a film that is the most blatant violation of the Second Commandment, which forbids the creation of an "image" or "likeness". (I am not sure of the proper English term.) I think what makes it even worse are its inavoidable sexual overtones. What about a drop-dead-gorgeous and almost naked young actor (by the way how will this part overshadow the rest of his life, having been a "likeness" of God?) beaten to a pulp by other beefcakes?

It is deeply blasphemous.

Antisemitism is not a resentment, an emotion, it's a brain disease that overshadows even the most basic principles, needs and plainly reasonable objectives a person may otherwise have.

Wasn't it, for Germany, a REASONABLE objective to win WWII? Well, historians are sure that they would have won it hadn't it been for the genocide of the European Jews in which they invested all resources that were desperately needed for the war effort. And don't tell me they didn't KNOW that.

In the same way, a devout Christian like Gibson pissed on the Second Commandment, fully aware what he was doing, because he had to follow this sick urge. (That the film was, as far as I know, a commercial success, has nothing to do with it. I am sure he would have made it even if he was anticipating a commercial flop.)

And now the world is amazed that the old soak fluffed and let slip when he had a relapse.


beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...

I am having problems with a far left type playing games with my avatar.

Gibson got drunk and shot his mouth off. All of us have said stupid things even when sober. The sad part is the anti semitic words overshadow a potentially dangerous lapse of judgement drunk driving.

Part of being a Christian is forgivess. Gibson was drunk no lasting damage was done. Do human fail of course we do and Christianity recognizes this human limitation.

This was stupid Gibson should apologize and move on and never drink and drive again.