July 29, 2006

Some Kind of Antagonism

The New York Times proves again that it is acting as a tool of the global Jewish Conspiracy:
Six Are Shot at Seattle Jewish Center
Published: July 29, 2006

SEATTLE, July 28 — Five people were injured and one was killed Friday afternoon when a man who expressed anger toward Jews opened fire in the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, the authorities said.

The Seattle Police did not identify the suspect. They said he was arrested 12 minutes after the first report came in to emergency dispatchers. At 4:03 p.m., according to Assistant Chief Nick Metz, dispatchers received a call saying people had been shot and hostages taken at the offices of the federation, a fund-raising and planning organization at the edge of downtown.
Because of what the suspect said in that conversation, which the chief would not disclose, the shootings are being treated as a hate crime, he said. Chief Kerlikowske said the suspect was Muslim.

The authorities said they did not think the suspect was acting as part of a terrorist group.

“We believe at this point that it’s just a lone individual acting out some kind of antagonism toward this particular organization,” said David Gomez, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who heads its counterterrorism unit in Seattle.

Mr. Gomez said his agency had been “monitoring” both Jewish and Muslim organizations, and reaching out to their leaders “for the last couple of weeks, since the beginning of hostilities in the Middle East.”
And nobody laughed!

So after the FBI had been "monitoring" both Jewish and Muslim groups and "reached out to their leaders ... since the beginning of hostilities in the Middle East", like the good little politically correct zombies they are, one Jew is dead and five more are injured because somebody who incidentally happens to be a Muslim vented his unspecified antagonism towards this organisation that by chance happened to be Jewish.

I guess he might as well have targeted the local "Weight Watchers" group because of some kind of antagomism towards fatties.

Really, the best about this totally and utterly brainless, dangerously politically correct drivel IS the "acting out some kind of antagonism toward this particular organization" bit. Obviously, the New York Times hacks can't even (or don't dare to) spelling "an-ti-se-mi-tism".

Next step: The acting out of unspecified antagonism like that will be protected by the "Free Speech" law, oh-so-cherished in America.

And no, of course he wasn't acting as part of a terrorist group, exept of the one called "Islam".

Where is the much-quoted and even more frequently deriled "Jew York Times" when we need it?