August 03, 2006

Racism That Must Not Be Called by Its Name

Another one of my archived pieces! Will political correct idiocy stop someday, somewhere?

This is from The University at Buffalo Reporter, not new, but still topical, nevertheless.
...thousands of Africans emigrated to Germany during the past 500 years, many of whom were brought to Germany as "living curiosities" or as slaves. The establishment of German colonies in Africa at the end of the 19th century increased the number of encounters between Africans and Germans [...]

With the American occupation of Germany after World War II, Afro-Germany was reborn from relationships between black American GIs and German women. Their ranks swelled further as many thousands of immigrant workers from Mozambique, Angola and Namibia were imported to deal with East Germany's chronic labor shortage. African students and refugees who settled in Germany have brought additional depth and breadth to the Afro-German cultural mix.

"One of the reasons that Afro-Germans have captured the interest of scholars across the humanities, because looking at their experiences allows us to see another dimension of the 19th- and early 20th-century ideas of race that led to the Holocaust.

"The experiences of Afro-Germans in today's Germany offer insight into the transformation of that nation-willing or not-into a multicultural society, ...Our discussion is especially timely in light of the wave of violence against foreigners and persons seen as such in Germany since its reunification."
Granted, for argument's sake, all this is factually right, which it isn't (there has never been intermarriage or cohabitation on a larger scale between Germans and Africans and what impact are "thousands" bound to have on a population in the millions and over several centuries anyway, nor has slave-holding ever been part of the German culture): If I understand this shameless bit of politically correct drivel correctly it is trying to convince us that there are enough Black genes among the German population to make us more open towards the ideas of multi-culturalism and to renounce racism and anti-Semitism.

Of course, this implies that openness towards other cultures (whatever that may be worth), racism (or freedom from it) or antisemitism (or freedom from it) are genetically pre-determined, which is - racist. But that's okay as long as such racism is only focussed on Whites.

To what length will the politically correct idiot brigade in America go to make us believe that 1) Whites can per definitionem not be the victims of racism, that 2) Blacks are better people and that 3) a multicultural society has the slightest merit. (Or that antisemitism and racism are the same, but that's a side-issue here).

"Black genes" would help us Germans to become better citizens of the World my ass! A thoroughly racist statement if I have ever seen one.

And now excuse me, I am going to join the Reverend Louis "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan's congregation in search for God, peace of mind, love, tolerance and philosemitism!