October 11, 2006

Praise to The Lord!

After not even quite five weeks the Deutsche Telekom has managed to provide me with Internet access and a functioning telephone line.

Bussiness at Roncesvalles will return back to normal within the next couple of hours.

Thanks to all who have borne with me.


Thomas Pauli said...

There are still wonders happening! I wish I'd know which unsurmountable obstacles the Telecom overcame to provide you with a functioning *telephone*! One sits back in awe.

The_Editrix said...

After I couldn't afford an(excellent!) expensive corporate provider (QSC) anymore I made the mistake to join one of those new cheap ones, namely "Alice"/HanseNet. Believe me, it was INCREDIBLE. After such an experience, The DTAG doesn't seem QUITE so awful. :-|

JMK2006 said...

Ja, Wunderbar!

RickOwen said...

Welcome back. Between you, No Pasaran! and The Brussels Journal I feel like I have my finger on the (dying) pulse of Europe.