December 18, 2006

Back to blogging -- I hope!

It has been awfully long. And I didn't even have an excuse for it, like last time. No moving, no overwhelming other duties, nothing.

In the private field there are rather good news:

Five healthy, vigorous Parson Russell Terrier puppies are keeping their little mother busy while I am reduced to cleaning away the mess, feeding the heavily lactating little bitch well and comforting the extremely frustrated father, who still isn't allowed near the pups.

Maybe it was out of that frustration that he performed well on Saturday in the artificial foxhole, facing the (very much alive and non-artificial) fox. He is trained to attack at the sound of "Arafat", but I'm sure the vixen smelled better than the original did, even when still alive.

I intend to keep two male puppies (there are three dogs and two bitches) and organise a small terrier pack for wild boar hunting. They will love it.

Back on topic and blogging. I can't promise anything, but I hope I have finished feeling burnt out. Please come back from time to time and check.