January 04, 2007

About the Aesthetics of Converts

It MAY be pure chance, but then, it may be not...

Should you have had a look at the chat show video, did you notice something about Ms. Pinn?

Well, the blogger Big Berta, another convert to Islam, is remarkably and commendably frank about the purpose of her blog, which she dubs: BigBerta_im_Netz: Das ultimative Auskunftsblog über Gewichtsprobleme und Islamismus -- Something like: Big Berta online: The ultimative information blog about weight problems and Islamism.

Big Berta is a bit over-defensive when it comes to Islam, and although I do not agree with much she says, I honestly think she is a great one-woman-show. She even is, at least in most cases, DELIBERATELY funny. Watch this, even if you don't understand much of what is spoken.

The same can definitey NOT be said about this group of converts. The article to which it belongs is absurdly headed: Brückenbauer zwischen zwei Welten (= bridge builders between two worlds), but it looks more as if those sad wenches had just dropped from same bridge and into deep and extremely cold and dirty water.

SHOULD there be a connection between size and conversion, what is cause and what effect? Cease converts to look after themselves because female beauty is considered dangerous by their new faith, or are fat women searching a way to escape their problems through conversion?

But then, it really MAY be nothing but chance...
Thanks to Gudrun Eussner and her excellent article about converts as cultural "bridgeheads" in the West.