January 08, 2007

Ending the Dialogue Dialie?

This made the headlines today in the Swiss- and, to a lesser extent, in the Austrian media. Let's hope Germany will follow soon:
Pope striving for examination (of Christianity) by religious leaders
Rome - During mass, celebrating Epiphany, Pope Benedict XVI has asked the leaders of other religions to embark on an examination of Jesus Christ. (ht/sda)

He invites them to approach the "light of Christ" who went into being to "complete" the religious history of civilisation, "not to dismiss it", the church father said in his sermon at St Peter's Cathedral.

Benedict compared The Adoration of the Magi with the "three constitutive dimensions of modern mankind: politics, science and religion", which all three need "the light of Christ".

After the service the pope prayed Angelus for thousands of worshippers from the window of his office at St Peter's Square.
(Translation mine!)

May God grant a long life to the lonely old man in the Vatican.

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55 Years ago: Brothers Georg and Joseph Ratzinger at their ordination.