January 23, 2007

Political Dialogue with Professionalism and Style

Politically Incorrect is the most popular one among those German blogs with a clear pro-American stance. According to blogcounter.de PI is holding place number 7 with 6082 visits and 27385 clicks yesterday. PI is owned by Stefan Herre.

Herre and his co-bloggers speak up against the undermining of basic values of our Western democracy, for example by the pre-emptive obedience and submission in the face of anti-democratic demands from Muslim immigrants.

Yesterday, PI received the following email:

The text, albeit short, is not easily translated:
Hallo Mr. Herre, don't you think yourself that the right-wing populist drivel in your blog is pukeworthy?

Best regards
It is not easily translatable because it is difficult to catch the same level of obnoxiousness and vulgarity in a different language, but I hope I managed.

But now for the really interesting bit. The sender of the email is Friedel Frechen, the press relations officer of Bärbel Dieckmann, the mayor of the city of Bonn, and he sent that email, as proven by the signature, full address, title and all, in his official capacity as the spokesman of the mayor of Bonn. Dieckmann is now in her third term of office and since November 2005 additionally one of the deputy leaders of Germany's Social Democratic Party. She is married to Jochen Dieckmann, former Minister of Finances of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bärbel Dieckmann is hosting the Islamist King Fahd Academy within her city, a school for Saudi children, mosque and all, which is not subject to the German curriculum and was almost closed down once because of anti-constitutional activities and has dubbed it "The unique prerequisite for an examplary German-Arab and Christian-Muslim dialogue, which champions peacefully living together."

Obviously, Dieckmann and her spokesman are less interested in a "dialogue" and "peacefully living together" with people who happen not to share their views of peacefully living together.

Not to speak of the style and professionalism of the discourse. But about taste, there is no arguing.