January 04, 2007

Righteous outrage and savvy at generating page views

Claudia Roth, leading "Green" polititian and Federal Government Commissioner for Phoney Public Outrage Human Rights Policy is outraged about Saddam Hussein's execution. As were countless other Gutmenschen.

Of course, SPIEGEL ONLINE, the mother of all online newsmagazines, chimed in as well. "How Saddam was insulted before he died", a headline that demonstrates righteous outrage as well savvy when it comes to generating page views.

That's fine. I can't stand the crone and I detest that leftist rag and Gutmenschen generally (not that this is anything new...), but I still prefer that to the eminently popular motorcade rallies for capital punishment in the Sixties, roughly twenty years after people were executed in Germany for telling the wrong joke, every time a taxi driver was murdered.

I am just asking myself, where were Claudia Roth's SPIEGEL ONLINE and all the other useless do-gooders' outrage when Um Haydar was murdered?
Um Haydar was a 25-year-old Iraqi woman whose husband displeased Saddam Hussein's government. After he fled the country in 2000, some members of the Fedayeen Saddam grabbed her from her home and brought her out on the street. There, in front of her children and mother-in-law, two men grabbed her arms while another pulled her head back and beheaded her. Baath Party officials watched the murder, put her head in a plastic bag and took away her children.
Davids Medienkritik was quoting The New York Times here.

In the same article from 2003, Davids Medienkritik suggests: "Saddam should receive asylum in Germany. For two brutal years he will only be able to participate in TV talk shows while accompanied by a minder. Only after five years will he again be allowed to seek political office."

Much of the German care for Saddam Dearest is, of course, antiamericanism masked as a "humanitarian" cause. It were the United States, after all, who had caused his demise. As the old curmudgeon Henryk M. Broder put it in his inimitable way, here we have nothing but mere "idle bandwagon-jumping by people who would also sign a petition against bad weather as long as it proves their progressive political position free of charge ... Soon the White House will be called the Führerbunker and it won't take long until Germany will humble the rest of the world by offering Saddam Hussein sanctuary. Who, if not us."

In an article "A Heart for Saddam", which isn't online anymore, at least not at its original place SPIEGEL ONLINE, Broder stated, too, scathingly that
capital punishment wouldn't be adequate for Saddam's crimes. It doesn't suffice to lock him away and throw the key to the cell into the deepest part of the sea. It would be only right to force him to watch videos, recordings of Claudia Roth at the Green Party rally... But no, that's not possible. Punishment has to be severe, but nut unnecessarily cruel.
That was 2002 respectively 2003. Neat, eh?

The taxi drivers' rallies in the Sixties may have been performed by uneducated hicks who let their gut-feelings rule their judgement, but at least they were not hypocrites with a selective target practice. Yesterday, unbridled thirst for revenge of the common man, now pity, understanding and care by the educated classes for one of the nastiest dictators of the 20th century who has found an end indefinitely more humane than most of his victims.

Can you spell "sane" and "decent", Germans?