January 16, 2007

side-splitting, floor-rolling, pant-pissing, thigh-slapping, ass-off-laughing funny

I don't know whether this news report is based on facts, but it's too good to be missed. According to YNetNews, Moshe Aryeh Friedman, the senior Neturei Karta member, who passionately kissed the as unwashed as -shaved monstrosity Adolfdingbat, will now have to find a female who will consent kissing HIM, as his wife has decided not to kiss same spots again and forsaken him, following her parents’ sage advice.

The 'Ultra-Orthodox Voice' service reported that when Friedman returned to Vienna he found out that his wife had fled to the Satmar community in Williamsburg, New York City. There she approached rabbis and asked them to help her divorce her husband due to his misdeeds.

HotAir reports it as well, and as well with a grain of salt. The comments there are hilarious!
I wonder what line he told his wife when he was leaving for the “Conference”. “Bubbie, I’m going out to shmooz with the shiksas, eat some pork sandwiches and wash it down with a nice milkshake. See you on the flip side bubbala!” “Gay avek!” the wife yells in idiot glee. “Just as long as it’s not a holocaust denial conference, it’s Kosher. Mazel Tov!”
I find the idea that the good rabbi might catch STD (or at least crab lice) worth a thought as well and lets hope that Mrs. Friedman will find her Prince Charming soon, now she's had her fair share of frog-kissing.