January 18, 2007

What the colleagues are saying...

Gudrun Eussner titles her article about the film "Mein Führer…" "Adolf for everybody, from the Gröfaz from Braunau to the victims at Auschwitz" and states that
"The Jews as really existent human beings are extinguished… by Dani Levy. There is method behind it, because otherwise he couldn't have made this film for the purpose of his personal liberation and the audience would heve choked as well on their laughter about the Führer in the bathtub. Such a liberating laughter about the thorny youth of the Führer is not just for Dani Levy to break down his own childhood trauma, the Germans need it too. For that, they are buying tickets, for that, public TV-stations are sponsoring the film, for that, the state of Northrhine-Westphalia is opening its coffers. Germans let no opportunity pass to ransom themselves. They are foistering their money on the Jew Dani Levy because he delivers them a wee little bit from the responsibility of the past.
And Liza adds:
X-Filme-producer Stefan Arndt couldn't, in an interview with the newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger about … Professor Adolf Grünbaum, for the life of him not inderstand why the latter's name shouldn't be ridiculed in Dani Levy's grotty film and his biography stripped of reality. "Why, we can't apologize to each and every Jane Doe who may appear in a film." That said, he magnanimously offered to send a copy of the film to the old man and that was that. Yes, it is that easy in post-Nazi Germany: The names of those murdered and the survivors of the Shoa are nothing but transient shadows, exchangeable at will, forgotten. Jews are not sorted by numbers here anymore, but that doesn't mean that one can't use their names without permission for Führer-films and expose the bearers of those names to ridicule.
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