April 03, 2007

The Strange Effects of Mountain Air

Kurt Beck, chairman of the German Social Democrats, proposed after a trip to war-torn Afghanistan to host an Afghan peace conference in Germany where "Taliban moderates" could discuss terms with Kabul authorities.

Beck said Tuesday after meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai that he saw "signals" that pointed to a "possibility for a new conference" and added the Taliban could be involved, a proposal seconded by foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier.

Beck had said that it was desirable to talk to moderates among the Taliban, telling the Deutsche Welle radio service that the idea could not be rejected out of hand, but, so Beck:
Anyone who murders people cannot be a partner for negotiations. But there are basic sympathisers [whatever that is] who do indeed have influence in the restless regions and who ought to be checked out politically whether there is a chance to stipulate something binding.
Yeah, stipulate something binding... Maybe the Taliban cook or gardener will oblige.

Funny as it may sound, but I think he is being more of a bumbling, pompous old fart than a dhimmi. He thinks he can win votes this way, though, and is thus twice an opportunist. A mere shit-scared dhimmi is probably even less unpalatable.

I have learned a new word today: Fremdscham, which I translated as "extrinsic shame". And that is exactly what I am feeling right now. My flesh is creeping in embarrassment because a fellow German -- no, make that: a fellow human being -- was able to say something quite that moronic.

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