May 30, 2007

And Another Canine-Induced Blog Hiatus

After three months, one of the people who bought my puppies gave her back because of a "dog allergy" last Saturday. Now I have to deal with a fucked-up, lost little creature whose world has fallen apart. I could weep.

But apart from the emotional aspect, there are logistics of everyday life as well. This is not as if I had five dogs now instead of four, this is as if I had ten. The little one is totally without manners and the problem is that her brothers are, of course, emulating her. She chases everything that moves and Sunday she vanished after some bicyclists, barking frenziedly. Her brothers came promptly back when I called, but she didn't and I was lucky to be able to pick her up in a beergarden two hours later, thanks to the helpful nature and kindness of the people here. However, next time they will probably all go for a run. Nightmare! So I will have to exercise them separately and teach the little one the basic manners in the process she ought to have been taught months ago.

Inability to train a dog often causes "dog allergies". The animal shelters are full of such cases. I guess I am lucky that they gave her back at all and at least she wasn't beaten or anything like that.

The funny thing is: she is such a homely little creature, but as soon as she sees water she goes for it like a Navy SEAL, grabbing everything that crosses her way, sticks, algae, the lot, and takes them ashore, as proud as Punch, and that while her handsome, hunky brothers are dumbly watching.

We will manage, given time. Right now, I am just once again at my wit's (and strength's) end.

The picture is of her sister whose new owners DID take the trouble to teach her manners and are thus very happy with her.

I'll go on blogging as soon as the worst is over or at least as soon as we have become used to it.