May 16, 2007

Blog Notification

I was made aware that the fact that I am using English as my blogging language, which is not my mothertongue, might be construed as pretensions of a cosmopolitanism I patently don't possess.

I am shattered.

Therefore, I will change the description of my blog from "Biased News and Views from Dhimmified Germanistan" to "Biased News and Views from the German Backwaters".

I even considered briefly to dumb down my English -- everything to please the public -- but came to the conclusion that that might be too much of an effort for me. Awfully sorry to lose a couple of hits, but there you are...

Well, changing the description might even have the beneficial side-effect that drooling morons, hell-bent on sniffing out terms like "Dhimmi" or quips like "Germanistan", will pass by my blog in the future.