July 16, 2007

B*gger Bl*gger

Blogger has done some unmentionable things -- AGAIN. However, I won't complain because it's a free service And a gift horse... and all that.

Just for information: The "expandable post" widget doesn't just not work anymore but fouled up the entire blog's layout. I had to remove it from the template, so the "Click here to read the full post" link is gone. If you come across a post that is obviously shortened, click on the permalink to read it in full.

Also, the "Recent Comments" widget has gone bust, which is less irritating for me personally because I don't get enough comments anyway to give this widget its due. I'll leave the "Recent Comments" line in the right sidebar for some time, just in case.

I adamantly refuse to switch to one of those jelly-mould new blogger templates, I am hesitant to use a different service because I have grown fond of this old layout and I can't be bothered right now anyway.


Stephen Renico said...

Well, you get comments from me. :-) A lot of people read your site, even if they don't leave comments.

Nice picture up top. Was that you as a little girl? Very cute.

The_Editrix said...

I know and I appreciate that very much, Stephen. When I am blogging regularly I get quite a good readership and I am not complaining about too few comments. I rather have a few good and congenial comments than a host of inane and hostile ones or -- heavens beware -- an online "koffee klatch".

When the other pictures I put so far up in the header were taken, I was 48. That was some time ago. When the current picture was taken, I was 8 (I think). Thanks for your kind words. I hated the plaits. My mother was heavily into the oldfashioned.