September 11, 2007

Germans Are Traditionalists

Like other antisemites -- ooops: Israel-critics -- Norm Finkelstein and Ted "those Palestinians who have resorted to necessary killing have been right to try to free their people" Honderich come to mind -- Mearsheimer and Walt had no problem finding a respected major publisher, not some pokey leftist hole-in-the-wall rat shop, in Germany.

That is because stuff like that sells like hot cakes here.

The publisher Campus tell us in their blurb how it is:
Since it came into existence, Israel is supported politically and economically by the USA and -- for understandable reasons -- by Germany. But unlimited solidarity is dwindling. Now two experts are breaking a taboo by well-founded criticism and are kicking off a long-overdue debate.
As Liza puts it:
Wow! Five lies in just two sentences: There never has been an "unlimited solidarity" with Israel, the "two experts" are in spite of their academic positions nothing but demagogues, the "well-founded criticism is a de-facto new edition of the "Protocols", the alleged "taboo" is non-existent and always was and the "long-overdue debate" don't need to be kicked off becuse it'a alive and thriving for decades now. But because the credo of those who "criticise" Israel is mainstream-compliant in spite of, respectivevely because their followers consider themselves a oppressed minority, truth can take a break without any harm done to the reputation of a academic publisher.
I specifically like the cute-ism "understandable reasons" in the Campus blurb. It's really fun to see what wrenching Germans are able to muster just to NOT having to say "murder of the Jews". And of course, had that "blooper of Germany history" not happened, we could now all uninhibitedly kick up our antisemitic heels. How very irritating!

But Liza comes up with an even jucier little morsel:
... the theme [to exchange the stars in the Stars and Stripes by Stars of David] is very popular among the antisemites, pardon me: anti-Zionists of all colours and can boast an ubiquitous presence at rally banners or in magazines and newspapers. And it is old, even older than the State of Israel: 1942 already, a book appeared, the cover of which showed a US-flag adorned with the Jewish symbol. Its title: Powers behind Roosevelt (Kräfte hinter Roosevelt). Its author: Johann von Leers, one of the most radical and important national-socialist ideologues.
Who said that Germans are no traditionalists anymore? Or, to paraphrase Liza: At least an antisemitic book like that is easily identifiable.