September 06, 2007

Islamists Are Counting on Converts IV

So the German public and media are "shocked" at the arrest of suspected Islamists who are said to have planned bomb attacks of yet unknown viciousness in this country.

Reports that two of the three suspects held were German-born converts prompt soul-searching. Some commentators question whether integration problems can really be seen as a root cause of Islamist militancy.

Our dreaded, oh-so-right-wing minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, put it like that, I suppose he couldn't help himself*: "This shows that it's not a matter of passport. Even religion is not crucial here, even though at the moment int's mainly Islam, which is dangerous. Religions as such are peaceful, to begin with."

As long as our leading politicians are spouting such euphemisms, terror will win. The immensely political ideology called "Islam" is not peaceful and will never be. One look at the Koran would convince our politicians of that. But they want to remain with their self-inflicted ignorance because otherwise they'd need to take action, and they can't yet calculate the consequences for themselves.*

In the same spirit, albeit presumably for different reasons, one Deniz Yücel writes in the leftist taz :
The fact that two of the bomb-makers are German converts makes it clear that Islamist terrorism is only partially linked to the integration of immigrants. Thus, the ubiquitous mingling of the two issues is not helping to the debate because jihadism is not some folklore imported by immigrants from Anatolia or the Atlas mountains. Those who decide to follow international jihad don't do that because they don't speak German very well or didn't get an apprenticeship. Instead we are, in fact, dealing with a modern political phenomenon that cannot be understood by looking for bloodthirsty or Jew-hating bits in the Koran.
Yes and no. Of course Muslims don't become terrorists because they don't speak German very well or didn't get an apprenticeship. Yücsel is right here. It's precisely the other way round. Djihad is a very time-consuming effort and a job or learning German would be clearly interfering with it (and what the heck, the German welfare-state is looking after their worldly needs anyway). And of course ONLY the bloodthirsty or Jew-hating bits in the Koran can help understanding those converts, as Yücsel ought to know. And their Muslim-born brethren, for that. And Yücel closes:
By the way, the success of the investigating authorities shows that the present law is obviously sufficient to prevent horrible attacks.
Obviously. And it is obviously sufficient to be a Muslim as a licence to feed one's Islamism light to an unsuspecting and only too willing German public.

By the way: It is rumoured that it wasn't so much the sleepy German "investigating authorities" or the GS-thirtyseven GSG-9-men plus twentytwo other policemen managed to arrest two "Red Army Faction" terrorists not without killing one of their own-G-9, but the Pakistan secret service who delivered the decisive hints.

*Quote and following conclusion taken from Gudrun Eussner's website.

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And I wonder why the as infamous as revealing Osthoff case seems to be forgotten already.