October 25, 2007

Scare Tactics

In the Name of Tolerance is the (very non-sarcastic) header of an article at n-tv.de from last Sunday.
"We will have to actively support that Muslims can live their faith here." Because fundamentalism will find a breeding ground where people are made to think that they and their beliefs are not getting the necessary recognition.

The Lutheran churches are clearly speaking out against any scare tactics against Islam and are outspoken supporters of the building of new mosques in Germany. The Protestant church must not become a tool of those who want to stoke fears of Muslims says the head of the bishops of the Vereinigte Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands (VELKD), the Landesbischof of Munich Johannes Friedrich at the VELKD General Synod [the inter-church "parliament"] in Goslar (Lower Saxony).
Well, as far as "scare tactics" are concerned, they have clearly worked on the good bishop because he is unable to see what is so obvious, namely that the most mollycoddled faith is reacting to that very mollycoddling with increasing violence whereas Christians, who have all reasons for complaining that "they and their beliefs are not getting the necessary recognition" are reacting with increasing timidity and signals of submission, which, in turn, leads to increasing violence by the followers of the "Religion of Peace" and I suppose you've got to be a Lutheran bishop or scared out of your wits or both not to realize that you've just jumped on a train on a direct line to hell.