November 23, 2007

The Future of This Blog

I guess my disenchantment with blogging is obvious for some time now. During the last weeks I went through an intense thought process. It started with a campaign in the mainstream media here against Islam-critical blogs and specifically against the most-read political blog in Germany, Politically Incorrect.

A lot of what a reader from abroad needs to know about the German blogger scene, including my stance on Politically Incorrect, I wrote here already.

After Stefan Herre, the owner of PI received threats following an article in the MSM he considered serious enough to leave the country for a while, I found that enough was enough. I think my blogging efforts are more needed at home than abroad.

The demented "war" between Islam-critical bloggers has strengthened that decision. If an original and unique thinker like the blogger Fjordman is vilified by other Islam-critics among the major bloggers, something stinks. But then, and as far as the German scene is concerned, maybe it was naive to assume that bloggers who range from those who have been moved into action because of the imminent threat to Israel and somewhat grudgingly concede that Germany will have to be saved in the process as well and those who are acting out of exactly the opposite reasons and equally grudgingly concede that Israel will have to be saved together with Germany and the rest of the West, between the Israel-friendly Left and those just stopping short of hating Jews to a self-destructive extent, will ever feel that they have a common cause.

I will by no means delete Roncesvalles and go on publishing the odd brief snippet of information.

I am not quite sure what I will do yet. What I will certainly not do is going on blogging as The Editrix at a new German blog, because most of my friends of various degrees know my real identity anyway, as The Editrix had always been a gimmick and not an attempt at anonymity. Maybe I will start a new blog of my own, maybe I will go on as co-blogger somewhere, should somebody want me.

However, thanks to all the -- considering -- amazingly many who read my blog over the years, most (I hope) sympathetically, some less so. But thanks anyway.


Yoel Natan said...

Well, you tell it like it is! Unfortunately, such realism can lead to depression or serious reservations about blogging. How we wish you were a little bit delusional and optimistic!

Stephen Renico said...


I've been quite a fan of yours and I check your site daily, even if you haven't published anything.

I hope you get some of the fire back. And keep up the shooting.


beakerkin said...

Keep in touch

I have been moving across country as
part of my training. I grow more confused every day. Sometimes it seems as if common sense is out the window.

The_Editrix said...

You are absolutely right and I think depression puts it quite aptly. I hope some enthusiasm will return once my German blog is on its way.

Of course I'll keep up the shooting. My dogs don't deserve a depressed human. ;-)

I have been following your new endeavours at your blog. All my best for your future and I will of course keep in touch.

To all:
I will go on posting here and at the group blogs in which I participate from time to time. Another reason for my decision is that blogging in English for an English-speaking audience needs much explaining of the German background and circumstances, something that takes a lot of strength away from me because I am not truly bilingual. And I am not getting any younger either.

Thank you all for your kind words, my friends.


Clovis Sangrail said...

Editrix, please accept my very best wishes and the hope that this will pass and you will return with renewed energy to the fray.

The_Editrix said...

Thank you, Clovis. Maybe I'll come back, people like you, Stephen, Yoel or The Beak keep me going. Let me see how the German project develops.

By the way, I have blogrolled "Canker". Should have done so yonks ago.

Clovis Sangrail said...

Many thanks.

The_Editrix said...

No thanks necessary. It's only fair! :-)

Flanders Fields said...

Best wishes. I know you will be back. You're too good not to be. Let me know when you are in running mode again. I've enjoyed your articles and you know what free speech is about.

bernie said...

I have gone through some very trying times in my life but this always works for me: Just repeat, "This too shall pass."

Smooth said...

I just found out about your site, via Bernie's, and now I am sorry at the excellence I've missed. Best wishes.

Stephen Renico said...


Merry Christmas and God bless you.

The_Editrix said...

FF: So kind! Thank you very much -- and I will!

Bernie: Thanks for your kind words. The funny thing is that my personal circumstances are increasingly well, whereas the political situation around me is getting increasingly worse. As an anglophile, it depresses me that Britain seems to have given up already without firing a single shot, really and metaphorically, and where is the proverbial xenophobic, racist, belligerent Hun when one needs him? Congealed milk of human kindness whereever one is looking.

Smooth: Thank you, too, for your kind words. I may be back sooner or later, thanks to all those who are so kindly encouraging me.

Stephen: And the same to you and to everybody who is close to you, my friend.

Apart from my German effort, which is going slowly because I am not enthusiastic enough about it, I have started a new blog about style (in English). The idea was triggered off at first by the great style blogs, which I discovered while surfing the web for decorating inspiration for the new old house. Predictably, it turned from a mere style thing into the acid rantings with which you are all so familiar, just without the political slant. As soon as there is enough material to make it public I will do so. Right now, I am liking it most of all my efforts.

Have a wonderful Christmas (or whatever), all of you!