January 04, 2008

Another Delusional Bubble Burst

Dennis Prager is talking to Ann Coulter about the "Jews need to be perfected" very-much-non-gaffe. Warning, only for those with an extremely high vomiting-threshold!

And here was I, thinking that Dennis Prager was an ethical and intelligent man.

Listen to the recording of that mutual masturbation session, but keep your sick bag ready.

One can't be all three: First, a sucker-up to that unprincipled, intellectually dishonest, attention-seeking cackling parrot who would say anything to boost her book-sales figures, second, intelligent and third, ethical.

If one is a sucker-up to that unprincipled, intellectually dishonest, attention-seeking cackling parrot who would say anything to boost her book-sales figures AND intelligent, one is not ethical.

If one is a sucker-up to that unprincipled, intellectually dishonest, attention-seeking cackling parrot who would say anything to boost her book-sales figures AND ethical, one isn't intelligent.

Yep, simple!

Coulter has taught me a lot, generally, about American conservatives.

Let's take the video below. The fact, that this lewd display wasn't followed by any outcry by American Christian conservatives worth mentioning, speaks volumes. And they MUST have noticed what is happening here, musn't they? It's so aptly, albeit crudely, described as "prick teasing", performed here by our devoted Christian Conservative on poor Donny Deutsch. My evil sense of humour tells me, this is sidesplittingly funny, my better half that this is about one of the most undignified ostentations I have ever seen.

Is it possible that conservatism, at least mainstream conservatism, has got no content of its own anymore, no positive goals, no reasonable arguments and certainly no basic ethical consensus, apart from punching "the left" (or what is perceived as "the left"), a bag that is as empty as the puncher -- or as Ann Coulter's shrivelled black little heart, for that.


fpb said...

We've got our own version. She's called Cristina Odone, and, alas, like me, she can claim both Italian and British identity. Although in reality her Italian identity serves only to impress her English public. As for Italy, however, the number of what you might call "conservative sluts" is absolutely enormous - from Alessandra Mussolini to Daniela Santanche' to the incredible Mara Carfagna (I swear, only in Italy!). But then, the alliance between fake conservatives and the sex business was sealed two generations ago, when the world's greatest pornographer, Rupert Murdoch, placed his porn sheet, The Sun, at the service of Margaret Thatcher, and double sealed a decade and a half later, when another pornographer, Berlusconi, took it on himself to become a "conservative" leader. And I believe your charming Bild Zeitung is "conservative", too? This is a source of poison so enourmous that one does not know what to do with it.

The_Editrix said...

I don't mind so much what Ann Coulter says but how she sells herself. Anybody even remotely close to her, even a "non-slutty" version, would be unthinkable in leftist, ultra-PC Germany. Since I have discovered Debbie Schlussel, I find that Coulter has at least SOME redeeming qualities.

Is the Bildzeitung "conservative"? I hesitate to use that term because that rag is so utterly unprincipled and always appealing to the basest human instincts. It is pro-Israel because of the policy the deceased publisher Axel Springer established for his newspapers, even for posterity. I shudder if I think what they'd print were that not the case.

Alessandra Mussolini is the only one of the Italian "conservative sluts" known to me. I'm not sure to which extent the term "conservative", in the English or American sense, can be applied to her at all.

Politics and political punditry don't go well together with "sex" at all in Germany. This happens when a German politician tries to come across as "sexy" (it's the leftist Andrea Nahles) and you may remember Merkel's frightening cleavagegate pictures. We are just not made that way.

fpb said...

Actually, I like Schlussel rather more than I do Coulter. She is certainly not my idea of an intellectual (anyone who calls the two poles of her view of the world "Reagan" and "Marx" hasn't done a whole lot of thinking, but anyone who is at war with Rupert Murdoch's corrupt, money-driven takeover of conservatism through Fox TV (the people who broadcast Family Guy and the worst network porn in America, mind you) cannot be all wrong; and her exposure of Sean Hannity's self-serving and downright fraudulent shenanigans was a public service. Coulter, on the other hand, is a despicable establishment adventuress posing as a movement maenad. Nothing made it clearer than her support of the sleazy establishment candidate Mitt Romney, and her contemptible attacks on McCain: evidently her purpose is to keep the conservative "rabble" (that is how she and her likes regard them in private) moving in the direction that the Republican establishment - who despises them - want them to go. Notice that she never speaks of conservatism against progressivism, only of Republicans vs. Democrats. She is a lying, manipulative trollop.

As for the bigger picture, the world of the Murdochs, the Berlusconis, and all the "conservatives" who look for votes in trashy nude mags and vulgar TV channels, I should post - this is not the right place. Let me just say that I think there is a vast, worldwide self-delusion about the meaning of the Thatcher government and its successors. Thatcher was not conservative in any serious sense, and, in spite her wrapping herself in the flag, she was no patriot. In fact, I find it hard to understand what this transnational kind of pretend-conservative with porn roots really stand for.

Mara Carfagna is a case in point: a former glamour model recycled as Minister for Women - one of a number of extraordinary nominations that led people to think that Berlusconi was recycling his harem into the country's government. I have nothing against glamour models as such - in fact, I was <a href="http://fpb.livejournal.com/375817.html>very fond of one</a> - but they don't belong in a country's government - at least, not a few years after their glory days, not in a so-called conservative government, and not with the evident personal purpose of subverting said government in the service of the gaylesbiantrasgendered etc etc etc "community"! That is what happens to "conservatism" with the Murdochs and the Berlusconis in charge.

fpb said...

Ah, Alessandra Mussolini. The term "unprincipled adventuress" fits her better than even Ann Coulter, and that is saying something. My father knew her briefly when she was selling herself as the prospective leader of a modern, constitutional, vaguely feminist legacy-fascist party (which has long been the dream of the more "respectable" areas of the neo-Fascist world). However, when she realized that party leader Massimo Fini had outflanked her in that direction, she broke with him and suddenly resurfaced as the would-be leader of the most extreme and folkloric blackshirts available, heading her own party. She has not altogether disappeared, but the infinite capacity of the Right for fraction, and the distrust that her past inspires among most camerati pretty much insure that she will not end up leading the hard right.