January 14, 2008

My New Blog

I have a new blog, The Evil Style Queen, motto: "I have a crown and a headscarf and no hangups about wearing either", but one would expect some level of bitchiness anyway, wouldn't one?

I was always amazed that my posts about personal things triggered off so many more reactions than my political commentaries. (Gosh, that sounds pompous, but what else could I possibly say?) So why not put that to good use at a blog of its own?

Right now, it's still in its very early fledgling stage. I intend to "recycle" a lot of posts from here, but there are countless topics in the pipeline, really.

It seems that working on my German blog revived my interest in Roncesvalles, so maybe a blog about style (read: everything that comes to mind) may well be increasing my interest in both.

What else can I say? Enjoy or be irritated, whatever suits you better.