January 11, 2008

Suit and Tie Are Not Enough

Today, BILD, the German tabloid shitrag did what in these days and times only shitrags do because serious papers are too busy being good and published the entire sad "German Rathergate" affair.

The following howler is too good to be missed: Oezcan Mutlu, the Berlin lawmaker of whom I wrote in my previous entry:
The fact that Mutlu, a naturalized German and member of a German state parliament, still speaks a sort of semi-"Kanaksprak" shows how seriously he takes his own assimilation
has now the temerity to explain his gaffe away by stating that
Alaattin Kaymak is obviously no professional when it comes to politics and not very eloquent. All I wanted to ask was whether nobody talked to him prior to the programme.
That is the same Alaattin Kaymak, mind you, of whom I wrote yesterday:
...he was, in fact, a picture of competence, literacy and self-assurance and spoke German without any foreign accent. Compared to Mutlu, who came to Germany when he was five years young and who is an electrical engineer by profession (and, incidentally, the speaker for educational policy of his parliamentary group), he almost appeared as a gentleman and that means SOMETHING.
That said, I wonder what talking to a tongue-tied chat-show guest prior to the programme should achieve.

Sad as it may be, but wearing suit and tie is not enough to pass yourself off as a German, Oezcan.

In Germany, only German citizens can vote or be elected to a parliament. Note that the German citizen Mutlu ("More Education -- More Respect", for what or whom remains open!) addresses his potential electorate and all the fully-assimilated Germans "with an ethnic Turkish background" in German AND and Turkish on the election placard (left). No doubt they all speak German just as well as he does.

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Flanders Fields said...

Glad to have you back, Editrix. It's refreshing to see that lying still leaves a person as being no better a person than a liar.

Eloquence can make them better liars, but not better people. It seems that Mutlu is not so elegant or eloquent himself.