October 09, 2008

Why are Female Executives Giving Palin's Thin Credentials a Pass?

I wonder how leftists come to denounce Palin for her "far (FAR!) right-wing views" and how conservatives can laud her as a conservative icon. A truly conservative woman would NOT get a full-time job when she has children and push her husband into the marginal role of a grinning zombie. A conservative woman's unmarried 17-y-o daughter would be appropriately supervised and NOT get pregnant and a conservative woman would NOT lumber her children with fatuous Hippie-names like Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig, but (for example) George, Lauren, Fiona, Caroline and David. A conservative women would, too, NOT get publicly "cutesy" when she is cornered. A conservative woman would NOT drivel about the "glass ceiling", an arch-feminist mantra. CHOOSING not to abort a child does one not make a "conservative" or somebody who has got "FAR right-wing views".

That woman is a bluff package if I've have ever seen one. But at least she serves as a bullsh*t-catalyst for all sides of the political spectrum in America.

And, of course, as one of the other commenters at HuffPost put it, however incompetent Palin may be, the question why Americans are giving Obama's thin credentials a pass remains unanswered.

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