November 23, 2008

A great lesson in civics!

I decided not to leave the house today (apart from for the dogs' basic necessities, of course) and even with my huge work backlog, that leaves some time for blogging as well, so here is something I had saved for such an occasion: About two weeks ago, in connection with the presidential election, Terry Morris of Webster's gave us a -- I couldn't put it any better than he did it himself -- a great lesson in civics at View from The Right:
For the very first time since I've been voting I left a portion of my ballot blank, as did my wife, namely the presidential section. And to top it all off we took our eleven year old daughter with us who pointedly asked early this morning whether she might be allowed to go with us to learn more about the voting process in order to better prepare her for good citizenship once she comes of age. She and I read the ballot together, discussed the various candidates, reasoned through the state questions on the ballot and our decision for or against, etc. I let her "complete the line" (as is the method on Oklahoma ballots) for the candidate that we decided on in the individual races, as well as on the state questions. She filled out my entire ballot from start to finish. We rechecked the ballot once finished for any inadvertent mistakes. Once satisfied there were no mistakes, and that we were sure we wanted to leave the presidential section unmarked as originally intended, we fed the ballot through the machine for processing. Afterward we discussed voter fraud and how to prevent it, as well as the secret ballot.

A great lesson in civics!
I wish all those knee-jerk America-haters here in Germany would read that. But then, would they understand it? Thank you Terry! Your children are very lucky.

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Terry Morris said...

Nora, thank you for honoring me this way! I wonder whether a large percentage of Americans understand it.