November 20, 2008

I told you so!

Cross-post from Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
On October 9, I posted here and at this very blog two entries under the header "Are Americans Barking up the Wrong Tree?", which discussed the possible implications of Obama's Muslim apostasy and nobody took notice:
While for an expert like Dr. Pipes Obama's possible conversion/apostasy is a mere matter of an increased need for security and some political embarrassment, the problem seems to be non-existent for most other Americans and nobody at all discusses in all seriousness the possibility that Obama might have never converted at all.
Now you've got your knickers in a knot because the implications (Now WHO would have thought so?) are turning into reality already. And what are you doing? In more than 30 comments you are proving that you have STILL twigged nothing. NOT A THING! You think it is a kind of big game, a game that you will win.

You won't.

Your next president is, to put it simply, if not an active participant, but part in a plot to overtake you. Why do you think the threats are coming NOW? Now he is elected, and not before? Yes, I know. Muslims are stupid and have only just learned about Obama.

If it only were so.
Hat tip: Gudrun Eussner!