December 15, 2008

A bully pulpit to hard-core anti-Zionist Jews

Being Jewish and an "anti-Zionist" is a recipe for media fame that always works out in Germany, however maginal or obscure the protagonist. Doesn't any "crime" of the Jewish state, however subjectively perceived or however marginal, somehow lessen the burden of our own past? And if somebody who is "a Jew himself" says it, it will get acclaim even from those who would otherwise never believe a thing "a Jew" says, or as Benjamin Weinthal and my good friend Alex Feuerherdt put it in more sophisticated words in their Jerusalem Post article from last Thursday:
...major German and European media outlets, as well as university forums and politicians ... seem unable to resist the temptation to offer a bully pulpit to hard-core anti-Zionist Jews.
In Does Jewish anti-Semitism exist? they shed light on a bizarre phenomenon.