January 11, 2009

German police break into private home to remove Israeli flag that 'offended' Muslims

The above is the title of a post at IBA. The original entry is here, the gist of the news lies in the header.

I do not think that this happened in the city of Duisburg by mere chance and could just have happened in any other German town or city. Here are some facts: Duisburg, which is located where the river Ruhr meets the Rhine, is the hometown of one of the biggest inland ports worldwide and -- Germany's biggest mosque. Duisburg covers 232,8 km² and hosts a population of 496,665 (December 31, 2007). Statistically, 8% of the population are Muslims, but some suburbs have a population of more than 50% with a "migration background".

I have posted here at Roncesvalles several times about acts of shameless dhimmitrude related to or happening in that very city. Maybe the background information is of renewed interest in the light of the latest occurences.