February 02, 2009


Under the apt header "Scumbags demand more" Terry Morris discusses at Webster's the group of passengers on board US Airways Flight 1549, who are now sueing the carrier for a factor totally out of their, the carrier's, sphere of influence and by whose pilots they were saved in an act of extraordinary (arguably heroic) mastership.

I think my comment to this enty merits its own post here, because the behaviour of those people is part of a larger pattern of moral and ethical decay that is wrecking the underpinning of our Western culture. In a world, where a baby survives his own "late term abortion", is then left to die for ten hours after which he is still alive and the hospital staff finally unnerved enough by his crying to care for him, in a world where his biological parents then SUE the hospital on the grounds that they were not informed about the *risk* that their child might survive his abortion, in such a world I am, no, not all that amazed about the attitude of those people.

Information in German can be found at www.tim-lebt.de. Mind you, this happened in a country where they chain themselves to trees about to be cut town or where migrating toads are gently lead across a street so that nothing evil should befall them, and, different from America, where "late term abortion" doesn't even merit a public discussion because nobody gives a damn.